We need a Labour government to improve living standards


David Cameron is on a lap of victory. The Tories are busy congratulating themselves over a measly 0.8% economic growth, after three years of stagnation, and are convinced that we have turned the corner. However, the reality for many people in Birmingham, and across the country, is that life does not feel much easier for them. The government assures us that things are getting better, yet this is not a recovery for everyone; the government is still concerned with the few, rather than the many. Only a Labour government would ensure a recovery that is made for the many and improves the living standards of ordinary people.

Since Ed Miliband’s barnstorming conference speech nearly six weeks ago, the debate about living standards has been focused on energy prices. Instead of taking action to reduce the burden on consumers, Cameron simply stands up for the energy companies, defying even the former Tory Prime Minister Sir John Major. That’s why we, along with other Labour Party branches across the country, will be out this weekend explaining how a Labour government will freeze energy prices for twenty months from May 2015. Labour is on your side, working to improve the lives of ordinary people by making bills more affordable, rather than defending vested interests and remaining blissfully ignorant of the struggles faced by the majority of Britons.


Importantly, Ed Miliband announced a second vital policy regarding living standards: his plans to incentivise businesses to pay a living wage. When prices are rising four times faster than wages, and have done so for 39 months of Cameron’s time as Prime Minister (see above), in addition to the average family being more than £1,000 worse off under this government, a pay increase for those on modest incomes is essential for improving living standards and making work pay. The government has a diabolical record in this area; despite promising that their welfare reforms and a growing economy would ‘make work pay’, it has not worked. Only Labour can deliver better living standards and a recovery built for the many, not for the few.

Come and see us tomorrow (Saturday 9th November) outisde the Co-Op on Stratford Road in Hall Green to find out more about Labour’s energy price freeze promise and how we are working hard for Hall Green residents.

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