Birmingham Highways Maintenance and Management Service Guidance

This document is important as it spells out what we should receive in terms of service from AMEY as a result of the 25 year contract given to them by the previous Liberal Democrat/Tory administration. If you do not feel like you are not receiving the service spelt out in this document then please let us know so that we can hold them to account.

AMEY was awarded this lucrative contract to ensure the improvement and repair of our roads, maintenance of our footpaths, bridges, street lighting and traffic signals along with the upkeep of street scenery such as safety barriers, seats and trees.

We do not feel that there is a system in place for accountability and your Labour councillors have demanded that a schedule of work be made available to them. They will do everything in their power to ensure AMEY is held to account over the services they provide.

If you need to report a problem or isuue then please ring the dedicated number – 0121 303 6644 – this call will be logged and this means we can track action taken.

For those of you online then a really useful website is Fix My Street and issues can be recorded here which will then be passed to the council.

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