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Petition against new play facilities?

Hall Green’s Lib Dem Cllr Paula Smith presented a petition to full council yesterday that appeared to exclude any mention to the fact that the proposals being opposed are for the installation of play facilities to be enjoyed by the children and young people, families and communities across the Ward.

The actual wording of the petition presented:

I the undersigned wish to keep the open green space known as Newey Goodman Estate the way it is presently and use it as a village green which it has always been intended for and has always been the case. We object to any change proposed by the council to place equipment upon our open green space. Save our village green.

There is no doubt that whoever may have signed this petition did so in good faith but who might, in retrospect, and given the real detail of the proposed play area, actually agree that the retention of green open space and the installation of a play area are not at odds. Other references referring to the space as being a ‘village green’ are also very misleading.

Please watch the webcast and let us know if you hear any words that refer to children, young people and play facilities….you will have to skip right through to 04:39:51

Hall Green BLP, alongside the Labour councillors,  will continue to campaign for additional services and provision for children and young people across the Ward.

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Proposals for Newey Goodman Park

Cllr Bowles has been progressing discussions in relation to improving the green open space at Newey Goodman Park.

An outline plan which was presented to the ward committee meeting in October is available below as well as a copy of the letter being sent to local residents, community groups and schools.

It was agreed that further community consultation in the Hall Green area would be carried out before completing the design work and deciding whether to proceed with construction.

If you would like to see a larger scale version of the drawing there are plans to be putting a plan/poster on the notice board and some questionnaires in the local library for more detailed information.

Cllr Bowles and James O’Sullivan, Senior Landscape Architect, would welcome your comments and observations on the proposals.

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