We don’t need another supermarket in Hall Green or do we?

Another planning application has been submitted by Aldi for a new store to be built on the disused garage site on Stratford Road/Wycome Road area, just metres away from Waitrose and this is due to be heard at a meeting of the planning committee either in mid September or early October.

Currently, I do have some concerns regarding the proposal and the possible implications it will have not only on our Ward, but on the daily lives of local residents. I have lodged a formal objection to the application and will speak in opposition at the planning meeting.

I do hope that the planners can allay these concerns and am working with local residents, campaigning against this application until that time.  Whatever your views, it is important that you make your voice heard. I would like to give all residents the opportunity to make their views known and there will be a public meeting on Tuesday, 6.30pm at the proposed site, Startford Rd / Wycome Rd jnct so that residents can learn more about the issues and share concerns or views.

Residents of Hall Green Ward are still able to participate in this consultation and if you haven’t done so already, then it is imperative that you share your thoughts. You can view the plans here by quoting reference 2013/05304/PA. They are also available in the Library.

A campaign has more chance of success when it has a strong collective voice. We may not win this fight but we will be heard.

You can help strengthen the campaign by signing the petition 




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Planning Application For Proposed Aldi Site Withdrawn

Victory for common sense and working together as a community

Local Labour Party activists, working with local residents in Wycombe Road, have secured the withdrawal of a Planning Application for the proposed new Aldi Store on the junction of Wycombe Road & Stratford Road [the old Renault Garage site].

Local Campaign Co-ordinator Kerry Jenkins from Hall Green Ward Labour Party, working with Local Ward Councillor Barry Bowles secured the withdrawal of the application when they highlighted a number of flaws in the consultation.

Local residents contacted the Labour Party and as a result those concerns were addressed directly with the developers. Following lengthy discussions over the concerns the application has now been withdrawn.

Kerry Jenkins said “This story really demonstrates the benefits of both local activism and local engagement”.

“As soon as we became aware of the important concerns raised by local residents we immediately researched the application and found numerous loopholes in the process”.

She went on to say “It was not a question of whether the development should or should not happen as local consultation should determine this. I believe all people in the area have a right to be fully consulted in such a plan that will have a huge impact on their lives. This did not happen and the planners have failed due to all of us being vigilant.”

Kerry pointed out “It was a great help to have such a pro-active local Labour Councillor in Barry Bowles.”

Councillor Barry Bowles said “I am always available to discuss the concerns of Hall Green residents.  As a community we have the right to challenge all decisions and argue for the place we all live in. This is how democracy should work and it makes me passionate about all of the people in Hall Green; the older citizens, the disabled, the young, and all of those other hard working families who make Hall Green a great place to work and live.”

Kerry Jenkins will be working on other campaigns in the Ward to improve the area and engage with local people and address their concerns.

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