Play facilities for HG?

Local councillor Barry Bowles has been concerned for some time about the lack of play facilities in Hall Green. After discovering that the Ward, where one in four people are under 16, only had  one small playground, he felt duty bound to try and do something about it.

Currently, the only playground facilities available are in Marion Way, but these facilities are themselves in need of renovation and are vastly inadequate to meet the needs of the 7,000 children and young people that we have living in the Ward.

As Ward Chair, Cllr Bowles has been in discussions with council officers in an attempt to provide more facilities and draft proposals for both a playground and basketball court at Newey Park were presented at a recent Ward meeting.

First look at the plans show that a great deal of time and thought have been put in to produce a creative and well thought out plan for these facilities and a full consultation will be held across Hall Green over the next few months.

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