About Us

Hall Green Branch Labour Party is a campaigning branch that meets regularly. We are a lively and friendly branch, one of four in the constituency of Hall Green and we would like our branch to be your route to becoming active in the Labour Party locally and nationally.

As activists with a shared set of values, we are proud to be part of the Hall Green community and we meet every month to share information and talk about politics. Meetings give us the chance to learn from each other and guest speakers, and an opportunity to work together on campaigns and on furthering the ideals which brought us together.

We also work with a variety of local interest groups and forums and aim to support all that is great about our community and our City. We believe that it is only by working together in our communities that we can make a real difference.

Hall Green Branch Labour Party will actively campaign against the current policies being implemented by the Tory government who are wreaking havoc with a model of austerity that is threatening our NHS, the future of our children, taking away the hope of our young people and removing welfare from some of our most vulnerable members of society.

You can become part of our campaigning movement either as a member or a supporter of the Labour Party seeking to deliver real change across the country.

Join us today in our regular campaigning activity and together we can make change for the better.

We’re Rebuilding Britain