Britain and Birmingham can do better with Labour

Ed-Miliband-One-Nation-Mental-Health-speechThe leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has just delivered his speech to the party’s conference in Brighton. In it, he confirmed a number of policies, in addition to others announced over the last two days by the shadow cabinet, aimed at helping ordinary people in tough times. He proclaimed that ‘Britain can do better than this’; a message that will ring true across Birmingham, so severely punished by the Conservative-led government. In Birmingham we know that it is only under Labour that things can get better.

The Tories will spend next week in Manchester congratulating themselves on what a marvelous job they think they have done on the economy. They think that they have saved the economy and the country; but while they pat each other on the back, life continues to get harder for the majority of people. Wages are falling while prices are rising; a million young people are out of work; childcare is becoming more unaffordable for those who need it most; energy costs are soaring; rents are increasing and young people are finding it harder to find a home; the neediest who are having their benefits cut are being stigmatised by cabinet ministers for using foodbanks. The government thinks it has secured the recovery, yet the majority of people in Birmingham and across Britain feel that the government has done nothing for them. It may be back to business for  those at the top, but the rest of us continue to be squeezed.

This is why Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have set out real help for families. Expanding free childcare for 3-4 year-olds; guaranteeing childcare for primary school children; building 200,000 new homes a year until 2020; capping energy prices; strengthening the minimum wage and encouraging a living wage; a Jobs Guarantee for unemployed young people; repealing the bedroom tax. Despite what the Conservatives will say, these are policies that will  not wreck the recovery, but make life easier for the majority of ordinary people. They say the recovery should protect their interests at the top of society – Labour says it should make life better for all.

Today, we can see what Britain will look like with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister. A fairer country, where the economic recovery is made by the majority for the majority, not in the interests of those at the top. A Labour government will improve life for people across Birmingham and across Britain. Our city and our country are better off under Labour.

We’re Rebuilding Britain