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Birmingham came 9th in the Rough Guide to Top Ten Cities in the world

We know Birmingham is a great city and the Rough Guide seems to as well.

See below a link to videos of all ten cities including Birmingham.




Hall Green looking cleaner with new wheelie bins

wheelie bins
Thursday 4 December saw the Labour campaign team meeting residents on Mapleton Road, Mapleton Close, Pitmaston Road, Redstone Farm Road, Arkley Road and Hazleville Road.
Wheelie bins have now been rolled out across Hall Green and there is a noticeable improvement in street cleanliness as a result.
In the past vermin have ripped open black sacks on collection day leaving a trail of rubbish and detritus – no more! Hall Green is definitely a cleaner place as a result of the new bins.
We spoke to many residents the majority of whom were very pleased with the new bins and agreed that they were making the area tidier.

20’s Plenty in Hall Green

20s Plenty logo v2

Sam Burden calls for 20 mph sped limits on Hall Green’s residential roads.

Please support my campaign for 20’s Plenty in Hall Green by signing my petition at

Across the UK nearly 13 million people have adopted the 20’s Plenty policy to introduce 20 mph speed limits.  The aim of the policy is to slow traffic down on residential streets and it has already been implemented in a number of cities across the country. After Portsmouth introduced the change in 2009 it reported a 7% drop in average speeds across the city.

We get more complaints about speeding and anti-social driving than anything else.

20’s Plenty is being piloted in a number of areas across the city and I would like to see Hall Green added to that list at the next available opportunity.

The reduced speed limit would apply to residential areas excluding A and B designated roads and major bus routes. Roads in Hall Green would be subject to a consultation first so you could have your say before implementation

20’s Plenty

– would not apply to major traffic routes such as the Stratford Road or Highfield Road

– would apply to quieter residential roads

– can be applied outside schools at set times

is proven to reduce traffic speeds in an area

For more details on the experience see the website

Sam Burden proposes cap on lap dancing clubs – October

A proposal put forward by Sam Burden for a cap to be on the number of Lap Dancing Clubs (Sexual Entertainment Venues) within Birmingham centre was backed unanimously by the Licensing Committee on 15 October.

The cap limits the number of venues to the current number of 8 and makes clear that the City opposes further proliferation of such establishments.

Sam Burden said “There are too many of these venues already present in Birmingham. I am pleased by the support of the Committee and their agreement that the number should be capped. I hope that over time we will see the number of these estab- lishments reduce”.

The Mythical Maze at Hall Green library


Summer Reading Scheme – awards at Hall Green Library

This morning I presented awards to 30 children at Hall Green library following their completion of the summer reading scheme. The scheme requires local children to read and write reviews for 6 books during the summer holidays. Cllr Kerry Jenkins and Cllr Barry Bowles have attended similar ceremonies during this week.

280 children in the local area took part in the scheme following Community Chest funding that we agreed earlier this year and this year’s theme was the Mythical Maze.

Today’s awards ceremony was a good occasion in which children and parents took real pride.

May I offer congratulations to children, parents and especially thank library staff for their efforts in making this happen.


Birmingham Cycling Revolution – Hall Green to Birmingham by bike via the canals!

I am half marathon training and took the opportunity to run the cycle route by the canal from Hall Green starting at Green Road ford and going via Ackers along the Great Union Canal and eventually to Brindley Place, a distance of some 6.5 or so miles.
Here are a few thoughts on the journey!
– the new cycle  routes look great with the sand coloured top, from Blackberry way towards Ackers
– the journey is fascinating but more suited to Sunday afternoon than daily commute as its not that direct
– canal paths are quite narrow in parts and geared towards a more leisurely journey due to the danger of meeting oncoming traffic!
– there are a few obstacles for cyclists and the path is quite winding in places, there is a mini slope at Ackers and then a steep set of steps. There  are also lots of bridges which are very attractive but not that easy to navigate on a bike and hard to run over!
– it was also a bit lonely – i saw only four or five other people on the Canal between Ackers and Birmingham (two of whom nearly had a heart attack as they didn’t see me coming!) a distance of circa two miles ish. I suggest if you try this route you travel with a companion.
All in all this is a great way to see some new parts to Birmingham and certainly down to Ackers the cycle route has really improved.  Past here however there is lots of work to do if this is to become  a regular cycling route.
How we do need a direct, cyclist friendly, road based route to the city centre as well.
The path under construction from Green Road.

Sam Burden opposes 183 Cole Valley Road planning application for car sales business

Planning Committee on 18 September 2014 and if you missed it you can catch up on the council webcast library.

The planning application for 183 Cole Valley Road for an online car sales business, which was being recommended for acceptance by the planning officer has been deferred. This decision followed representations made by Cllr Sam Burden on behalf of local residents and representations made by Kerry Jenkins based on knowledge of the local area and concerns that the District Engineer had not reported back following resident consultation.

Hall Green turns RED

The results of the local elections held on Thursday 22 May were fantastic for Labour in Hall Green and resulted in a third Labour councillor. Kerry Jenkins, being elected to represent the residents of Hall Green.

You can listen to the declaration and acceptance speech below:
















2014 Campaign Launch

Our candidate for Hall Green in the 2014 local elections, Kerry Jenkins, was invited to speak at the 2014 Campaign launch held last week. Her key messages were to increase participation by all sections of the community and the need for local representation. She also took the opportunity to thank the many Labour activists and supporters who have assisted in the campaign for a #labourgain in Hall Green.

Out on the #labourdoorstep

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